Resources for Health Care and Community Service Providers

It takes less than 3 minutes to ask about tobacco use, advise a patient to quit and connect them to the state quitline for access to free cessation services.

Learn more about Ask, Advise, Connect

We have created a series of brief videos (less than 3 minutes each) to learn more about treating commercial tobacco use and how our program can help.
There are also several high quality and free accredited learning opportunities available:

Additional resources

Here are a few key resources that you can download and print to help guide treatment with patients.

Resources for Support Staff

Staff play an essential role in screening and referring people who use commercial tobacco products to treatment and support. Here are a few resources to help you guide referrals in your setting.

Implementing cessation screening and referral workflows

Information for exam rooms

Informational videos and resources on quitline services and supporting patients

Health System Change Advocates

As a health system change advocate you have an important role in engaging and supporting health care and community service organizations. Here are a few key resources to help you support your partners.